[the perfect summer tan]

Took a brief break from blogging last week to work on a re-design of the blog, so I hope you like it! Still have some small changes to make, but you get the idea.

I love summer, and I love a great summer tan as much as the next person, but to say that I am fair-skinned is putting it lightly. But protecting my skin is also of the utmost importance to me, so a lifestyle of sunbathing is out of the question. So that pretty much leaves me in search of the perfect faux-tan. A brief online search and any amount of experimenting will tell you that this method can go awry all too easily, leaving you orange, streaked, and uneven. So I thought I'd share a few of my tried and true favorites and hopefully spare some of you the horrors of a tan gone wrong.



St. Tropez is my absolute favorite. I use their gradual tanning mousse, and I love that it moisturizes my skin and leaves it with the perfect golden hue for my fair skin. You can use it every day to build up color, or just a few times a week to keep a nice glow, which is what I do. It's a little pricey, but it lasts a long time, and I think it's worth it.

I used St. Tropez almost exclusively until just recently, when I received a sample of Comodyne's tanning towelettes in my monthly Birchbox. I thought it was worth a try, and they actually turned out to be a pretty great little find. It's a little trickier to make sure coverage is even with the towelettes vs. the mousse, but they smell great, give a really natural color, and they're quickly becoming a go-to for me.

Hope that everyone is having a great summer! If any of you have a summer tan favorite, I'd love to hear.

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