Here's a brief look into our summer so far, via pictures from my phone. It hasn't been a terribly eventful summer, but there's a chance that could be changing soon, and once things get really busy, I will probably be glad that I had time to enjoy things like this.


1 :: Sometimes a date night with red lipstick is all I need to feel fancy again at the end of a long week.

2 :: Me and the rest of the world seem to love peonies, they'll always be my favorite, but I must say, hydrangeas are quickly climbing the list. How lovely are these?

3 :: The first of what I am now calling "Gelato and Manicure Sundays".

4 :: I recently learned that a great new pair of summer wedges can turn even the worst day around.

5 :: Not to brag, but sometimes I kind of knock dinner out of the park. This was one of those occasions.

6 :: Cupcakes. I mean...

Hope you're all having a great summer and are enjoying the little things.