{fall is upon us}

So it's definitely getting cooler here in Denver. And I'm pretty sure it happened overnight. It was warm, even hot at times (although me and the general Denver population seem to have a different opinion of what constitutes hot), but then one day it wasn't anymore. So I think that Fall is officially here for us. And that makes me happy.  I was just starting to look ever so longingly at the sweaters and scarves that were all stuffed to the back of my closet.

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This is my favorite time of year. Scarves, boots, tights, pumpkin spice lattes, crisp cool air, listening to Christmas music much earlier than is socially acceptable, and knowing that not one, but two H&M’s are readying to open in Denver in the near future… those are all the things that I’m looking forward to right now.

Happy weekend to you all.