{chocolate croissants for cheaters}

Let me start by saying this… I love to bake from scratch. Truly, I do.  But this morning I wanted to make chocolate croissants, and croissants from scratch are not for the faint of heart. They’re also not for the hungry, because they are literally hours of work. So I decided to cheat and use already made dough from the store. I don’t even feel that bad… they’re super easy and pretty delicious. I also decided to forego traditional chocolate and use nutella instead, because, who doesn’t love nutella?

(image mine)

Puff pastry will also work beautifully for these.  You just want to let it thaw a little if frozen, and then roll it out and cut into triangles.

From there, take about a tablespoon of nutella and spread it onto the wide end of your dough triangles. If you want to make more traditional chocolate croissants, the equivalent amount of semisweet or dark chocolate works here too.

Next, simply roll each one from the wide end to the point.

I like to then brush a little egg wash on top of each of them, because it gives you that perfect golden brown color when you bake. Egg wash is simply one egg with about a tablespoon of water… easy as that.

Once they’re all rolled and egg washed, pop them in the oven and bake according to the directions from the package. 14 minutes at 350 degrees did the trick for me.

And then… voila. Chocolate (or nutella) croissants that I didn’t have to slave over for hours.

Cheating never tasted so good.