You know how sometimes you find a shop, and as you begin to peruse the inventory you think, "Yes... one of everything please." Not that most of our budgets allow for that sort of extravagance, but you just feel so akin to the style, and you're so excited to find it that you just want to become besties with the shop owner. For me... that is shop is A Sunny Afternoon.

a sunny afternoon.

Sarah Sherman Samuel runs a blog called Smitten Studio, which has become one of my favorites over the past few months. If you want to know why, just check out the cabin she's been renovating. She has just the loveliest sense of design and style, all of which comes across in the shop, and its simple assortment of boards, towels and napkins. So if you're at my house sometime in the future, and find yourself wanting to ask where I got the super fun napkins... let me save you the trouble. I got them at A Sunny Afternoon. And it's all made here in the U.S. of A. Which means you pretty much have to shop there.