If you're anything like me, you often find yourself unable to show restraint around cookies, you cry at just about any movie you've ever seen, your hair puffs up like a blowfish in even the mildest humidity... or maybe you're just like me in the sense that you love all things Kate Spade. Well my friends, if you haven't yet heard of Kate Spade Saturday, you are in for a treat.

Kate Spade Saturday recently launched as the more accessible (read: affordable) and slightly less girly girl sister line to the colorful and sophisticated fashion empire that is Kate Spade. These are a few of my favorites from the line so far.

kate spade saturday

I just posted last week about my love of stripes and this bold black and white print jumped out at me immediately. Pair it with fun prints, bright colors (it wouldn't be Kate Spade without color), and retro-inspired and fun accessories, and I put this one in the win column for the folks over at Kate Spade. Bravo.