Last time I did a post like this, I believe I cleverly (I think) titled it "Love it, Get it". But I feel like that's a little misleading, because I'm not really trying to show you where to get the exact items you're seeing. I mean, it would take forever to find the exact same pieces, I'm weary just thinking about it. And, I think when you see a look that you love, the goal should be to put your own spin on it. And that's why I'm now calling these posts "How I'd Wear It". Ok, down to business now. Olivia Palermo. She has gone from a virtual unknown (at least to those of us not keeping up with the New York socialite scene), to a blossoming fashion icon. I see her picture pretty often these days, and I always find myself impressed with what great style she has. I saw this a few weeks ago, and liked it because the idea to wear denim/chambray, leather and blue suede heels would never occur to me, but it looks just lovely. And this, my friends, is how I'd wear it.


I tried to find pieces that were realistic (for the most part) to my budget, and that means real leather and Birkin bags are out of the question. But I love the Marc Jacobs bag, some of my favorite jean brands make great faux leather pants, and I really like this look with a little more worn and less structured top.

Hope you like it!