Do you remember when peplum was in style the first time around? Think way back. I remember being a pretty young girl and I had this white and navy polka-dotted peplum dress, and I also distinctly remember thinking that dress was just about the best thing that had ever happened to me or the world. I remember getting dressed up in it for church with white tights and white shiny shoes... judge me if you want, but I looked good, and I knew it. And maybe this is why I have a particular affinity for the peplum trend. I think it's fun and feminine and works for almost any occasion.



I love it with a trendy spin like floral prints or beaded accents, simple and comfortable tops (that heather top is my favorite of the bunch), and with sequin or lace, you can pair it with anything and have yourself an automatic party outfit for the holidays.

So tell me, do you have anything peplum in your closet? And more importantly, did you used to wear peplum as a kid like me?