The lovely and talented Ashley from Calmly Chaotic absolutely made my day when she asked me to come over and contribute to her blog with fun ideas for a holiday party look. She is fun and real, she has great style, and she is kind of my hero right now because she is participating in NaNoWriMo and writing a book! Those who know me well know that writing a book is pretty much my ultimate goal in life, but being disciplined in setting aside the time to do it is much easier said that done, so I love that she is going for it. Putting together a high/low holiday look for her was a blast, so I hope you'll head on over to check it out!

And while I had saving vs. splurging on the brain, I thought I'd share one of my favorite finds of late. While perusing around shopbop one day, I saw a necklace and thought "that needs to be mine". It was a simple, understated, go-with-absolutely-anything kind of necklace. One problem... it was $240. So I gritted my teeth and moved on. But then! A few weeks ago, Kelly over at Fabulous K posted a giveaway that she was doing with The Altered Chain. When I went to check out her shop, I found almost the exact same necklace, and for only $23! I mean, it's like Christmas came early.


Have any of you come across any great finds that saved you some serious cash? Do share.