So I know that I am quite possibly the last person to jump on this train, but I recently picked up a copy of Domino: The Book of Decorating, and I have already spent hours poring over the pages and getting big ideas for what I want to do to our home. I've had a fresh wave of inspiration for decorating our little rented abode. As I've been going through the book, a few spaces have jumped out at me for various reasons, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.


I love this dominant combination of green and pale blue, combined with other pops of color.


Black and white is a reliable classic, and against a punch of yellow? Please. It doesn't get any better.


I love how they've taken a small, old, and arguably outdated kitchen, and made the absolute best use of color to make it interesting and inviting.


Bright whites with gold accents and vibrant colors is what has inspired me to create the perfect home office, and this makes my heart pitter patter.


I can't stop staring at those herringbone floors and the liberally used deep gray hues. I want to make it mine.

The book has so many how-to's, ideas and tips, it gives even design amateurs like me enough inspiration to turn a space into something great and make it your own. Do any of you have favorites from the book? Do share!


(images mine)