I'm going to confess something. I love sweets. I know that 90% of people would probably say the same thing, so that sounded pretty anti-climactic, but when I say I love sweets... I don't mean I enjoy the occasional bowl of ice-cream, or that I like cupcakes more than the average person... I mean I love sweets. I'm a cookie enthusiast, my love of chocolate milk has followed me well into adulthood, I have on at least one occasion made a cake for no reason and proceeded to eat half of it, and I have paid attention to how malts are made at ice cream shops so frequently that I could make malts at a professional level. That's the kind of love we're talking about. So... after my post a few weeks ago about how many great ideas Pinterest is giving me for dinner, I thought it only fitting to also share how many great ideas I've been getting for yummy desserts.



These are just a few of my favorites, and you can check out this Pinterest board for these and more recipes.

By the way, I have made those dark chocolate cookies several times now, and I personally endorse their deliciousness.