One of the best parts of moving is that it gives you a much-needed chance to throw out a bunch of stuff that you don't want or need anymore. For me, it has also given me a new wave of inspiration to freshen up some of the rooms in our home. So I've been working on a few little DIY projects for our dining room and our guest bathroom that I'm kind of loving now that they're done. I didn't really do any step by step photos on these, but they're both really simple.

I decided first that I wanted to make a large chevron print for our dining room. The inspiration for this came from Nicole over at Me Oh My. She used a piece of wood to make a gorgeous print for her living room, and I've been swooning over it ever since. For mine, I decided to buy a large canvas (it's 30x40) to create the print on. I'll be honest, my husband created the grid and lines for me in about half the time that it would have taken me, so if you want some tips on how to do that, I'll have to redirect you to him. But then I used painter's tape to tape off the lines and got to painting. The end result was a really lovely and bold print that makes my heart flutter every time I walk past it.


I'd also gone back and forth about what I wanted to do with our guest bathroom. It needed a little punch of goodness, but I could never settle on what exactly it needed. And I just need to confess something. I hate Walmart. I do. I know there are people who like it and I don't judge them, but I avoid it like the plague. But I'd been trying to find something I needed and couldn't find it at the usual suspects (Target), so I ventured over to Walmart, and wouldn't you know, while I was there, I spotted these "candle bowls", as they called them. I wasn't in need of any candle bowls, but it immediately occurred to me that, with a few mirrors and wall hangers, I could turn them into mirrors to hang in that bathroom. So that's what I did. I painted them to match a color from the rug in that bathroom, bought round mirrors to fit inside of them, glued them in, and attached picture hangers to the back and voila! It was a super easy and quick project, and they're a perfect fit for that bathroom.


Have any of you been working on any home projects lately? Feel free to share, I'd love to see them!