{our week in pictures}

Sorry that I haven't blogged for the past few weeks. This has been a really busy week for us, and now we're finally able to enjoy a long and restful weekend. I'll catch you up on the last week via pictures.

Even though there is still a ton of snow on the ground after the blizzard that came through a few weekends ago, and even though it has been a busy week, it has still been a great one! We got to go to Houston last weekend to see our brand new nephew Will, and he is such a precious little person. Can't wait until we get to see him again. And since this week was so busy, we wound up celebrating our Valentine's Day last night with a perfect dinner out, although the hubs did send me some beautiful flowers at work. Who doesn't love getting flowers? And when we DID have a little down time, I had the perfect magazine to lay around and thumb through, courtesy of my lovely friend Shannon who gifted me a subscription for my birthday. Best gift ever.

Hope everyone else has had a great week and had a great Valentine's Day as well.