{hello 30's...}

Today was my birthday... and not just any birthday... it was my 30th birthday.

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I've heard every metamucil, geritol, adult diaper and otherwise old-related joke that you can imagine lately, but truth be told, I am so excited to be joining the ranks of the 30-somethings. There are such exciting things on the horizon, and I can't help but feel like these are going to be the best years yet. My 20's were a great time... I met and married my husband, learned more about myself than I even thought was possible, grew more than I thought was possible, and some of my deepest and most cherished friendships came from that decade. And God was faithful to me.

But I am also loving getting older. I'm learning that the older I get, the more comfortable I am in my own skin and the more sure I become of who I am and what's important in life. Very excited about what is ahead, and today was a great day.

Love to you all.