{home office love}

I admit that I dream of being able to work from home as a writer. It's what I love to do more than just about anything, and I've loved spending more time focusing on it over the past year. And the dream that goes hand-in-hand with my dream of being a full time writer, is having a beautiful, inspiring, mine-all-mine home office that I can work out of. I'm not usually big on bright colors in my home, I love my neutrals. But when it comes to a room where I could sit and write for hours, I definitely want a room that is bright and inspiring. Right now, I'm loving these spaces that use bright whites with a little, and sometimes a lot, of color.

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We'll continue to see what God has in store for me down the road, that's the exciting part, but it would not hurt my feelings to have a room all my own to wordsmith my little heart out.

Happy Sunday to everyone!