{the best thing i ever ate}

Have any of you ever watched that show on the Food Network called "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"?  It brings together famous chefs and Food Network TV personalities, and they recount all of the best dishes they've ever eaten at a restaurant.  Well friends... I have found mine. For those of you who read my old blog, you might remember a post about a place called Fat Sully's Pizza.  I stand firmly by my assertion that it is the best pizza I've ever had.  But this post isn't called "The Best Pizza I Ever Ate"... no... it's the best thing I ever ate.  What a lot of people don't realize about Fat Sully's is that it's 3 places in one.  The bar is called the Atomic Cowboy, the pizza is Fat Sully's... and from 7 am to 2 pm, it is also the Denver Biscuit Company.

We had some lovely friends from San Antonio visit us this past weekend, and naturally we took them out for Fat Sully's, which naturally they loved.  Our waiter made the recommendation that we come back the following day for biscuits.  I believe his exact words were, "Our pizza is good, but our biscuits are (expletive) phenomenal".  So Sunday morning, we went back... and the waiter was right.

Their menu has a unique variety of sandwiches and platters, but they all have one staple... the big, fat, fluffy, southern, buttery biscuits that they make fresh every morning. We ordered a table full of food and ate until we felt delightfully ill. I had the pulled pork biscuit, and I can say confidently and with no hesitation... that it was the best thing I ever ate.

They also have a "Biscuit Bus", and if I were to see it driving around town, I would run like a maniac to catch it. They're that good. If ever you find yourself in Denver, you are doing yourself a real disservice if you don't stop in there. Come for the biscuits, stay for the pizza.