I write this blog because... I love to enjoy the little things and blogging about them has become one of my absolute favorite things, but don't take that to mean that I think shoes, cupcakes, and a well-decorated room are what is most important in life.
My lifetime goal is… to write a novel - I'm working on it.
Shows that make a bad day better… anything that reminds me of being a kid, like The Cosby Show, The Carol Burnett Show. And Friends any day of the week.
I believe that… love is the absolute most important thing.
Judge me if you want, but... my journey to find the tastiest cheap champagne has thus far been a pretty enjoyable experience.
If you ever start an argument with me, you should know that... I prove my obviously superior common sense by simply pointing out that I never owned a pair of gaucho pants.
I want to travel to… Greece, Ireland and South America - obviously not all at once.
I secretly love... poetry, and have been writing since I was a kid.
My biggest phobias are… being outside alone in the dark, silly as that may be.
I wish I knew how to… play the piano and walk away from chocolate.
Best day of my life was…  marrying the Mr. - I love him. Big time.
My biggest not-so-secret secret… I am an unabashed chic lit reader. I can't get enough.
The biggest thing you need to know about me... I love God because He loves me better than anyone.
What else you need to know about me… My love of chocolate milk has followed me well into adulthood, your comments on this blog absolutely make my day, I am a creature of habit in every possible way, I am nostalgic and sentimental to a fault, time spent on a porch swing is as good as therapy to me, I pretend to think runners are annoying but I secretly think they're pretty awesome and wish I was a better runner, I cry in movies that would make no normal person cry, I think lettuce is the most heinous of all God's creations, I wish I spoke both French and Spanish, I am a baking enthusiast, and I love my life. I love it so much.