You know the drill, things have been really busy and I haven't had much time for blogging. But we've been working on some things that I'm pretty excited about, so more on that soon. But for now, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things for summer, even as it starts to wind down. I recently stumbled across a site called Keep, which is basically Pinterest for things you can buy. I haven't spent much time on it yet, but it looks promising and these are a few of my favorite finds so far.

keep favorite finds


You know I love my neutrals, and I love the earthy tones and light summer fabrics here. I definitely think Keep is worth checking out!



Hope that everyone is in the throes of a lovely Summer and that you all had a great 4th of July! I've been away and/or busy for the last few weeks, so that is what accounts for the lack of posting. But I'm here now, and that's what counts, right?

I'm here today to talk to you about the bar cart. I've seen some really great bar carts lately that are both fun and sophisticated and I think they're a really great addition to a space.

the bar cart

I know, I know... not all of these examples are actual carts, but you see what I'm getting at. A cleverly styled tray can take the place of a cart if you have available space on a table, credenza or shelf. Plus, I think it's a great way to display some of your favorite barware that rarely ever sees the light of day.

And while we're at it, let's not forget to give a nod to the bar cart's morning counterpart... the coffee bar. I love both of these dedicated coffee stations, and who of us doesn't need all of the necessary tools handy for a pick-me-up on a Monday (or any other) morning?

the coffee bar

So all of this has me wondering, what would you stock your bar cart or coffee bar with?


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I don't think much explanation is needed for this outside of the fact that these have been some of my favorite fashion pins of late, and those that I have found to be the most inspiring.

looks of the week

Let's be honest, shorteralls (shorts + overalls) aren't something I ever thought I'd want in my closet again, but those (from Zara) are kind of a game changer as far as that's concerned. The rest of these are just fun, bright looks that are oh so Spring/Summer cool.

It should also be noted that some of these come from great fashion bloggers that I definitely think are worth checking out. So do that, and have yourselves a lovely week.



I remember first seeing Sukan's shop on Etsy a couple of years ago and falling in love with the unique aesthetic and colorful finds. The shop has definitely evolved since then, but has stayed true to creating eye-catching pieces. My favorites lately have been all of the beautiful and vibrant kilim prints.

sukan pillows

 The color combinations are so bold and pretty and it's the perfect way to make a statement and express style without going nuts. And there's plenty more where these came from, so make sure to head on over and check out the shop!



Well... we still haven't found the house for us, but on the bright side, the time spent looking has definitely given us an opportunity to browse around and get a lot of ideas for fixing a place up. I've already talked about our quest for the perfect sofa and coffee table, but one of the little things that I think makes such a big difference is lighting. Taking the time to find pieces that will make a big impact and that speak to our style is something I'm really looking forward to. And lately, brass pendants and chandeliers are what really make my heart pitter patter.

brass chandeliers

I love modern pendants with interesting lines equally as much as I like more traditional chandeliers. I couldn't pick a favorite of the bunch if I tried... so I won't. Although the fact that some of these are wildly out of our budget does help to narrow it down a bit. But if you have a favorite, do tell.